Laith Hussein and Magnus Carlsen 1

When I study the games of Top players, I discovered a bad move ( move no. 38- Nxc3)) of Black (Mr. M.carelsen ) against white (V. Ivanchuk) in 2009 , the link
I think the best move is Ra5, Black will win in place of draw, analyze:

1) If white plays 39- Rxa5 , Black ( Carlsen) has Nf2+ ( checkmate)
2) If white plays 39- Nf5 , Black ( Carlsen) has Nf2+ , 40- Rxf2 …. Rxa1+ ,41- Rf1…..Rxf1+ ( checkmate).
3) If white plays 39- h3, Black ( Carlsen) has Nf2+, 40- Kh2… Pxe3+, 41- Nf4……Bxf4 + ( checkmate).
If white plays 39- Rg1, Black ( Carlsen) has Rxg1+, 40- Kxg1, Rxa2 and white lose by difference in pieces.

Laith Hussein

Note: Onverklaarbaar was het hierboven geplaatst bestand niet meer aanwezig. Dit compleet met een leuke digitale discussie tussen Laith Hussein en Peter de Weerd. 

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  • Peter de Weerd

    It is indeed a great pity that the digital discussion between Laith and me has been disappeared. The analysis given by Leith is correct.
    I would stimulate every weak player like myself to study such mistakes by grandmasters. Perhaps this will lead to one single moment of identification.