Ivanchuk vs Carlsen 4

Laith Hussein schrijft;

When I study the games of Top players ,I discovered a bad move ( move no. 38- Nxc3)) of Black (Mr. M.carelsen ) against white (V.Ivanchuk)  in 2009 , the link https://www.365chess.com/view_game.php?g=3689283.

I think  the best move is Ra5,  Black will win in place of draw, analyze:

  • If white plays39- Rxa5 , Black ( Carlsen)  has Nf2+ ( checkmate)
  • If white plays 39- Nf5 , Black ( Carlsen)  has Nf2+ , 40-  Rxf2 …. Rxa1+  ,41-  Rf1…..Rxf1+ ( checkmate).
  • If white plays 39-  h3, Black ( Carlsen)  has Nf2+, 40-  Kh2… Pxe3+, 41-  Nf4……Bxf4 + ( checkmate).

If white plays 39- Rg1, Black ( Carlsen) has Rxg1+, 40- Kxg1, Rxa2 and white  lose by difference in pieces.

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4 gedachten over “Ivanchuk vs Carlsen

  • divabu Bericht auteur

    Auteur: Peter de Weerd
    Dear Laith Hussein,
    Thank you for your reaction. Let me start to say that I have no qualified experience in chess. My rating is 1300 and I think that it will not become much higher.
    The fault in my article is the sentence “Chessgames geeft na Txa5 als beste zet…” That would be a move for white. But I mentioned the move 38…Ta5 for black. Hence, the sentence had te be “Chessgames geeft na Ta5 als beste zet…”
    Of course, if white plays 39. Txa5 after 38….. Ta5, black will checkmate by 39. Pxf2. The question is what is the best move for white after 38…Ta5. If white plays 39. Pf5 (suggestion of chessgames.com) then black cannot checkmate by 39. Pxf2 because white moves away the black knight with 40.Txf2.

    I think everything is clear now!

    Kindly greetiings, Peter de Weerd

  • divabu Bericht auteur

    “Laith Hussein en Magnus Carlsen”
    Auteur: Laith Hussein
    Dear Mr. Peter de Weerd
    Thanks to your reply, What I like to explain is the suggestion of chessgames.com still False, How? chessgames.com suggests move 39 for white is pf5, ok but this move will not change the checkmate.how?
    39- white pf5 black pf2 check 40- white Txf2 black Txa1 checkmate.
    so checkmate is still and no way for the white to draw ( remise) or win , the white can delay his death by 2moves : the first is Tg8 and the 2nd is h3.and as you see white will lose what ever he did.
    My best regards

  • divabu Bericht auteur

    Dear Peter,
    Yes , it is pity that the administrator of our website has not a full backup to the documents ,apart from this weakness of the site,
    I appreciate your kind words, and I agree that it is very important for biggeners to study the games of grandmaster, and who knows ?,many mistakes by grandmasters may be discovered by simple players as me.
    My best regards

  • divabu Bericht auteur

    Peter de Weerd
    It is indeed a great pity that the digital discussion between Laith and me has been disappeared. The analysis given by Leith is correct.
    I would stimulate every weak player like myself to study such mistakes by grandmasters. Perhaps this will lead to one single moment of identification.